Halloween Specials (24-31 October)

Halloween Specials (24-31 October)

Trick or Treat!

This year, we’re starting our Halloween specials earlier, so you will have plenty of time to try our limited-edition specials, even if you have that cool Halloween party you were going to bring your kids to on Halloween Day itself!

We’ve thrown some of them ol’ Jak-O-Lanterns into the blender, and then collected some blood to garnish our dessert… so, come check out what tricks we have up our sleeves as we bring you some delicious treats this season, only at My Little Tapas Bar!

In addition, come in costume on 31 October for a free drink from the bar! Adults get a Sangria and the kids, well, something sweet…

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Halloween Specials
24 to 31 Oct 2017

Costillas con Arroz de Calabaza    24
Sink your vampiric teeth into these seared and baked tender lamb ribs dunked in savoury sauce, served with a bed of pumpkin flavour-soaked Spanish bomba rice for your human companions

The Bloody Cheesecake    14
A light Manchego cheese cake drenched in a pool of blood, then garnished with several sweet things to distract you


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